Back End Developer

At Clearwatts we make the energy transition happen. We develop software solutions to help renewable energy producers sell the energy they produce.

At Clearwatts we strongly believe in personal independence and freedom. We value that you speak up, have a good dose of realistic idealism and that you enjoy the trip of working at a meaningful start-up.

We are looking for a Backend developer.

You will help us with:

  • The development of the backend of the application. So you’ll need experience in sql, php, python or other relevant programming languages.
  • You serve as the security expert of the team.
  • Develop for microservices architecture (Kubernetes environment).

What do we expect?

  • You have at least 4 years experience in hardcore coding like Java, Python, C or the likes.
  • You love to be challenged, create solutions and are flexible but most of all, you’re into getting stuff done!
  • Initiative, initiative, initiative. Together we set the larger goals and expect you to translate them into your daily tasks.
  • Work takes up a large amount of our waking hours – so better make it fun while we’re at it!

What do we offer?

  • Lots of freedom – you’re the boss of your own time.
  • Unhealthy lunch if Paul takes you to eetsalon van Dobben, healthy lunch if you bring your own.
  • Being part of the vibrant tech start-up community in the heart of Amsterdam; TQ.
  • Friday beers!

Do you make thinks happen? Do you live in or close to Amsterdam and are you available for approx. 4+ days a week? Preferred starting date: yesterday. Apply now!

Oh yes, and what again, does Clearwatts do?

In the Netherlands alone, thousands of solar parks and dozens of wind farms are installed on a yearly basis. These projects have the greatest difficulty selling their power to local end users or selling to the market at the best price. For them, it’s specialistic work in a market which is not transparent.

At Clearwatts, we are developing a platform to assist these renewable energy producers and off takers with the tendering, contracting, implementation and execution of their power purchase agreements.  We’ve started with a number of pilot projects in 2018 with two major Dutch utilities, made a pivot at the end of the year and are gaining customer traction since the beginning of 2019. The renewable energy industry sees us as the pioneer which makes the energy transition real. We just need to make it happen.

You are our hero

Make the energy transition happen.

Join Clearwatts and help renewable energy producers and their off takers innovate their transactions.