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Towards a transparent energy industry.


Towards a transparent energy industry

Clearwatts is building a data marketplace for the energy industry. We call this marketplace the Trusted Data Environment (TDE). The TDE provides actors in the energy industry easy access to data, which they can use to run smart applications or algorithms to improve their business. Using the TDE ensures that all actors make use of the same data, essential in transactions.

We are building the TDE step by step. Our current focus is to provide data and applications for power purchase agreements in the solar and wind energy sectors. Afterwards we will focus on new applications and new sectors to continually grow the TDE.

In our ‘Products’ page you will find the applications we currently provide. The ‘Road Map’ page gives an indication of upcoming applications and sectors.

If you would like to stay updated of our progress, please leave your email address below. If you would like to contact us, please find our contact details at the bottom of this page.

Road Map

Building a Trusted Data Environment for the energy industry


The best combination of experience in the renewable energy industry and in software development.
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