The independent dataplatform provider

Designed for the energy industry to accelerate the development and implementation of sustainable energy.


Clearwatts unlocks data to parties in the electricity market.
Take for example a windfarm owner and a utility, signing a power purchase agreement.
They need production data and market prices to settle their agreement…

In today’s market each of them starts searching and collecting the relevant data on their
own. An inefficient, costly and sometimes unsuccessful way of working, with settlement
calculations and reconciliation costs still to come.

Clearwatts makes them working together in retrieving the data and the settlement
of their agreement.

Clearwatts brings in the data providers…

… and connects standalone databases, turning them into one distributed database.

The Clearwatts software system starts and on a realtime basis data providers
write their data on the platform.

By adding blockchain technology, Clearwatts assures the security, privacy, traceability
and immutability of the data, resulting in one single source of truth of data for both the
wind farm owner and the utility.

Fully operational Clearwatts will connect all kinds of market players to its platform.
Each taking the benefit of easily accessible, secure, traceable and immutable
renewable energy data.



Paul Geluk


Henk Jan Braggaar